Z036 O-RING SMS1586-14.30X2.40-NBR90 | bearing replacement crusher


Batch Pack <20m3-45m3>Simple Structure x Compact Design

Despite its compact structure, Batch Pack is a tough concrete batching plant and is compatible with high intensity mixing.


  Batch Pack 500 Batch Pack 1000
Storage Bin NONE NONE
G 1+2 800 x 1.0kg 1+2 1500 x 2.0kg
S 1 800 x 1.0kg 1 1500 x 2.0kg
C 1 300 x 0.2kg 1 600 x 0.5kg
W 1 100 x 0.1kg 1 200 x 0.2kg
AD 1+2 4 x 0.01kg 1+2 8 x 0.01kg
Control Panel CPF (Standard) / Command Touch B (Optional)
Twin shaft pugmill mixer
FSF-500 FSF-1000 / DSF-110
15kW x 1GM 15kW x 2GM / 22kW x 2GM
Air seal Air seal
Discharge type Concrete chute Concrete chute
Air compressor 11kW RECIPRO TYPE
Pure water pump 1.5kW×1UNIT
High pressure pump for washing 2.2kW×1UNIT
Dust collector (Bag filter type) 0.75kW×1UNIT DUST BOX COLLECTING TYPE
Supply conveyor G W400×30T/h G W450×55T/h
S W400×30T/h S W450×45T/h

S type <30m3-180m3>High Performance x Easy assembly

The S and SS Series are simple but high-performance concrete batching plants.
They can be assembled and dismantled in a short time.

<Two models of S type batching plants for your choice>

S4,S2 type

The S2 and S4 type are equipped with a material storage bin.
Compared to the SS type, they can achieve a higher per-hour capacity.

S4,S2 type

The SS is a weighing belt conveyor type without a material storage bin.
It requires a shorter construction period for assembling and dismantling compared to the S2 and S4 type.


Model SS-50P S2S-50P SS-100P S4S-100P
Theoritical discharge output Max. 30m3/H Max. 30m3/H Max. 60m3/H Max. 60m3/H
Max. output/batch
(Max. scale × Min. scale)
Gravel 800 × 1kg 2kinds 800 × 1kg 2kinds 1500 × 2kg 2kinds 1500 × 2kg 2kinds
Sand 800 × 1kg 1kind 800 × 1kg 1kind 1200 × 2kg 1kind 1200 × 2kg 1kind
Cement 250 × 0.2kg 1kind 250 × 0.2kg 1kind 500 × 0.5kg 1kind 500 × 0.5kg 1kind
Water 150 × 0.1kg 1kind 150 × 0.1kg 1kind 300 × 0.2kg 1kind 300 × 0.2kg 1kind
Admixture 8 × 0.01kg 2kinds 8 × 0.01kg 2kinds 8 × 0.01kg 2kinds 8 × 0.01kg 2kinds
Control system Command Touch B / Command It's-B Plus
Storage capacity N/A 20m3 N/A 40m3

* Some photographs in this page show plants fitted with optional equipment.
* This specifications in this page are subject to change without prior notice due to improvements and/or modifications.

DASH <60m3-300m3>Maximum Performance x High Capacity

Maximum efficiency for each process and optimal overall balance are pursued. The DASH Series consists of high-performance batch plants that provide maximum performance with minimal investment and that minimize operating costs through maximum operating efficiency.


Model DASH-110 DASH-167 DASH-225 DASH-330
Theoritical discharge output Max. 100m3/H Max. 150m3/H Max. 180m3/H Max. 264m3/H
Max. output/batch
(Max. scale ×
Min. scale)
Gravel 1500 × 2kg 3kinds 2500 × 2kg 4kinds 3000 × 5kg 4kinds 4000 × 5kg 4kinds
Sand 1300 × 1kg 2kinds 2000 × 2kg 2kinds 2500 × 2kg 2kinds 3500 × 5kg 2kinds
Cement 550 × 0.5kg 3kinds 1000 × 1.0kg 3kinds 1000 × 1.0kg 3kinds 1500 × 1.0kg 3kinds
Water 300 × 0.2kg 2kinds 400 × 0.5kg 2kinds 500 × 0.5kg 2kinds 800 × 0.5kg 3kinds
Admixture 8 × 0.01kg 2kinds 20 × 0.02kg 2kinds
10 × 0.02kg 2kinds
20 × 0.02kg 2kinds
20 × 0.02kg 2kinds
30 × 0.05kg 2kinds
30 × 0.05kg 2kinds
Control system Command Touch B / Command It's-B Plus
Storage capacity 43m3 70m3 110m3 180m3

* Some photographs in this page show plants fitted with optional equipment.
* This specifications in this page are subject to change without prior notice due to improvements and/or modifications.

LT 1100

o-ring or1000900,trellebo 0 0 plug din908-b-r1/4-st sk 0 0 support ring 441924 lokomec 0 0 back stop 442582 lokomec 0 0 hexagon socket head cap screw iso4762-m5x10-8.8-a 0 0 directional valve 4d03-3b03denison 0 0 directional valve 4d03-3b03-denison 0 0 spare part kit 0 0 directional valve 4d01-3208 denison 0 0 spare part kit 0 0 solenoid kede0604 denison 0 0 seal kit s26 …

Ring İplik - Kale İplik San. ve Dış Tic. A.Ş

Viskon ve viskon karışımlı ring iplikler. Karışım. ÜRETİM ARALIĞI (Ne). 90/10% Viskon/Angora. Dokuma. 70/30% Pamuk - İpek + Spandex Dtex 78. Ne 14/1.

20 pcs CS 1.5mm OD 5-65mm NBR Rubber O Ring O-Ring Oil

2mm Cross Section OD 8-65mm FOOD GRADE Red Silicone O-rings Washers -50/100pcs. Oil Seal 1/2"x7/8"x1/4" SCEAI Single Lip w/ Spring.

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Short. Inches. 30. Mini. 90. Long. Inches.

Справочник По Mosfet Транзисторам

30V FETky, 40A, 4.3 mOhm, 13 nC Qg. IRFHM830TRPBF. 100V, 73A, 14 mOhm, 90 nC Qg, D2-Pak. IRFS4410ZPBF. DUAL P-CHANNEL, -30V, 3.4A, PQFN2x2.

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00-611-271-971 CAP SCREW HEX 2.250"-4.5UNC-2AX8.500"-A Z036 6.090 ... 00-751-531-510 O-RING 14.500"ID X 17.750"OD X .125 SEC SG4265 0.010.

grinding mills socket liner HP200 HOSE HP 6,35 L.425 crusher parts from ireland best hoof trimming crush crusher spare parts

crusher wear parts charmers HP200 HOSE 3" LG.4000 metso impact crusher spare parts piston wearing plate of milling machine metso spare parts

PDF V2rh

Available Sizess: 1/4" a 1" Working Temperature (O-rings). Sectors: Industrial / Agricultural. MODEL STRUCTURE. Series 402. Material Mounting H. O-rings. 1 Carbon St. 0 No 1 Yes. 1 NBR 2 VITON 3 EPDM. Size (S).

crusher all wind worm wheel HP200 HOSE 8/16 LG.700 z036 outp mod 1769-of2 soundcraft vi stagebox 1769-if4xof2

Подобрать сальник вала по размеру. Страница 8

D2 = 40. H = 7. Фирма: CORTECO.

Техноберинг: Манжеты армированные - купить по низким ценам

30X40X7 TC OTP. Наличие.

PDF Прецизионные расточные системы

Тип расточной системы. BT30-RBH25LA-130 BT30-RBH32LA-140 BT30-RBH40LA-140 BT30-RBH52LA-140 BT30-RBH68LA-150 BT30-RBH90LA-160 BT40-RBH25LA-135 BT40-RBH25LA-165 BT40-RBH32LA-155 BT40-RBH32LA-185. RST400 x 2 шт.

O-Ring, 25,30x2,40 mm, FKM (80A) Innen Ø:25,30mm SchnurØ

O-Ring-Dichtungen für Armaturen. genormt nach DIN 3771, ISO 3601-1, JIS 240 P+G, SMS 1586, BS 1806/AS 568 A, BS 4518 Werkstoffe: NBR (70 Shore A) -N: Temperaturbereich: -25°C bis max. +130°C Verwendung: NBR: Standardwerkstoff für O-Ringe mit breitem Anwendungsgebiet.

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M 30x2. M 36x2.

Part List 6

BDI Wear Parts is a dynamically growing company with many years of experiences in production and supply of Crusher wear parts, Crusher spare parts, and Ball mill liners and Forged steel balls. We supply wear parts to the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and Africa.

2017 — ТОО Снабжающая Компания

Дискретный датчик перепад давления, Differential Pressure Switch, Static-O-Ring (SOR), Adjust Range: 8-40 psid, over range: 3000psi, Proff: 5000 psi. Model N: 102AD-EG903-S1-C2A-PP шт 8

mine crusher concave and mantle crusher main shaft bushing in uzbekistan cone crusher vs gyratory crusher

Сервис подбора сальников

Все 0A 0AM2 0G 0M 0M2 0M2A 0MA 0PM 0PMA 10PM 11PM 11PM2X2 12 12G 12P 12V1G 12V2 12V2G 12V3 12V3G 13 13PMA 15 15P 1A.

Sterling Seal And Supply 117 Buna/NBR Nitrile O-Ring 90A Shore B

14k Yellow Gold Solid Byzantine Chain Bracelet, 7"O-Ring fo B your Throw De-mon description Size:80"x60" This 90A Sterling fits Blankets Nitrile Slayer Shore And Supply 117 Seal Anti-Pilling for 25円 NBR Product Buna Blanket5 htp griffonia simplicifolia - L-5-HTP - Promote Weight Loss (3Seal...

PDF Кран шаровый межфланцевый EFAR WK2a для газа

O-ring. Уплотнение штока.

OD 24mm x CS 2mm NBR Nitrile Rubber O Ring NBR Oil

~ € 9.90. O Ring Gasket CS 2mm x 5 ~ 230mm OD NBR Automobile Nitrile Rubber Round O Type Corrosion Oil Resist Sealing Washer Black.

jaw crusher bushing leading HP200 HOSE LG.440 HT FL3 crusher wear liner crusher zenith frame bushing used usa esco wear parts

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Нитки для джинсы №30(70) Aurora. Нитки Gutermann супер-прочная. Нитки для кожи №40 Aurora. 48. 90-94.

O-Ring Nullring Rundring 9,25 x 1,78 mm BS012 NBR 90 Shore

Empfehlen Sie Produkte. O-Ring Nullring Rundring 20,29 x 2,62 mm BS117 Viton® 75 Shore A schwarz (5 St.)

line crusher thrust bearing HP200 HOSE 8/16 L.1000 omni1560 selector switch 800t-h18a manganese rock crusher wears copper-alloy parts allen bradley 800t selector switch


An O-ring, also known as a packing or a toric joint, is a mechanical gasket in the shape of a torus; it is a loop of elastomer with a round cross-section, designed to be seated in a groove and compressed during assembly between two or more parts, forming a seal at the interface.

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6/8/2021 · 446428 o-ring gp300/300s gp300 0.050: 446429 o-ring gp300/300s gp300 0.070: 446430 o-ring gp300/300s gp300 0.100: 446432 o-ring gp300/300s gp300 0.070: 446517 o-ring gp300/300s gp300 0.020: 446518 o-ring g12,g3310 g10sec 0.020: 446605 lifting eye nw300gp 23.500: 447025 anillo de antorcha g2215 y g1815 gp500 6.890: 447063 torch ring g2211 ...

ICAO Aircraft Codes

A30B. AC90. North American Rockwell. 690 Turbo Commander 690. BE40. Hawker-Beechcraft. 400 Beechjet.

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