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Batch Pack <20m3-45m3>Simple Structure x Compact Design

Despite its compact structure, Batch Pack is a tough concrete batching plant and is compatible with high intensity mixing.


  Batch Pack 500 Batch Pack 1000
Storage Bin NONE NONE
G 1+2 800 x 1.0kg 1+2 1500 x 2.0kg
S 1 800 x 1.0kg 1 1500 x 2.0kg
C 1 300 x 0.2kg 1 600 x 0.5kg
W 1 100 x 0.1kg 1 200 x 0.2kg
AD 1+2 4 x 0.01kg 1+2 8 x 0.01kg
Control Panel CPF (Standard) / Command Touch B (Optional)
Twin shaft pugmill mixer
FSF-500 FSF-1000 / DSF-110
15kW x 1GM 15kW x 2GM / 22kW x 2GM
Air seal Air seal
Discharge type Concrete chute Concrete chute
Air compressor 11kW RECIPRO TYPE
Pure water pump 1.5kW×1UNIT
High pressure pump for washing 2.2kW×1UNIT
Dust collector (Bag filter type) 0.75kW×1UNIT DUST BOX COLLECTING TYPE
Supply conveyor G W400×30T/h G W450×55T/h
S W400×30T/h S W450×45T/h

S type <30m3-180m3>High Performance x Easy assembly

The S and SS Series are simple but high-performance concrete batching plants.
They can be assembled and dismantled in a short time.

<Two models of S type batching plants for your choice>

S4,S2 type

The S2 and S4 type are equipped with a material storage bin.
Compared to the SS type, they can achieve a higher per-hour capacity.

S4,S2 type

The SS is a weighing belt conveyor type without a material storage bin.
It requires a shorter construction period for assembling and dismantling compared to the S2 and S4 type.


Model SS-50P S2S-50P SS-100P S4S-100P
Theoritical discharge output Max. 30m3/H Max. 30m3/H Max. 60m3/H Max. 60m3/H
Max. output/batch
(Max. scale × Min. scale)
Gravel 800 × 1kg 2kinds 800 × 1kg 2kinds 1500 × 2kg 2kinds 1500 × 2kg 2kinds
Sand 800 × 1kg 1kind 800 × 1kg 1kind 1200 × 2kg 1kind 1200 × 2kg 1kind
Cement 250 × 0.2kg 1kind 250 × 0.2kg 1kind 500 × 0.5kg 1kind 500 × 0.5kg 1kind
Water 150 × 0.1kg 1kind 150 × 0.1kg 1kind 300 × 0.2kg 1kind 300 × 0.2kg 1kind
Admixture 8 × 0.01kg 2kinds 8 × 0.01kg 2kinds 8 × 0.01kg 2kinds 8 × 0.01kg 2kinds
Control system Command Touch B / Command It's-B Plus
Storage capacity N/A 20m3 N/A 40m3

* Some photographs in this page show plants fitted with optional equipment.
* This specifications in this page are subject to change without prior notice due to improvements and/or modifications.

DASH <60m3-300m3>Maximum Performance x High Capacity

Maximum efficiency for each process and optimal overall balance are pursued. The DASH Series consists of high-performance batch plants that provide maximum performance with minimal investment and that minimize operating costs through maximum operating efficiency.


Model DASH-110 DASH-167 DASH-225 DASH-330
Theoritical discharge output Max. 100m3/H Max. 150m3/H Max. 180m3/H Max. 264m3/H
Max. output/batch
(Max. scale ×
Min. scale)
Gravel 1500 × 2kg 3kinds 2500 × 2kg 4kinds 3000 × 5kg 4kinds 4000 × 5kg 4kinds
Sand 1300 × 1kg 2kinds 2000 × 2kg 2kinds 2500 × 2kg 2kinds 3500 × 5kg 2kinds
Cement 550 × 0.5kg 3kinds 1000 × 1.0kg 3kinds 1000 × 1.0kg 3kinds 1500 × 1.0kg 3kinds
Water 300 × 0.2kg 2kinds 400 × 0.5kg 2kinds 500 × 0.5kg 2kinds 800 × 0.5kg 3kinds
Admixture 8 × 0.01kg 2kinds 20 × 0.02kg 2kinds
10 × 0.02kg 2kinds
20 × 0.02kg 2kinds
20 × 0.02kg 2kinds
30 × 0.05kg 2kinds
30 × 0.05kg 2kinds
Control system Command Touch B / Command It's-B Plus
Storage capacity 43m3 70m3 110m3 180m3

* Some photographs in this page show plants fitted with optional equipment.
* This specifications in this page are subject to change without prior notice due to improvements and/or modifications.

Download Allen Bradley RSLogix PLC Software for Free

Nowadays we know that its harder to get a software or if you get, you get it for some shorter period of the time. Download RSLogix PLC Software. Today I will show you steps to download RSLogix software of Allen Bradley PLC which is free. Do follow the below step to get free download software. Step 1: Open any browser.


User’s Manual Sequence CPU Instruction Manual - Functions (for F3SP22-0S, F3SP28-3N/3S, F3SP38-6N/6S, F3SP53-4H/4S, F3SP58-6H/6S, F3SP59-7S) IM 34M06P13-01E. Yokogawa Electric C

RSLogix 500

Top 10 Most Popular Answers · Downloading Software from Rockwell Automation Website · RSLogix 5/500/5000 and Studio 5000: Windows 10 Compatibility · Disabling User ...

RSLogix Automation Interface Reference Manual

use the object model. Although written for the RSLogix 5 software product, they may be easily adapted to RSLogix 500. For example type definitions may vary between products, and those differences must be considered when adapting code to the RSLogix 500 object model. To assist you as you write your code, some samples are included on your

Rslogix 500 Training Simulator Free

Rslogix 500 Training Simulator Free Learn The Latest Skills. Rslogix Show details . 5 hours ago Rslogix 500 Training Simulator Free - Gain New Knowledge. With a few flicks of a finger, you can find Rslogix 500 Training Simulator Free as a gateway to the exciting world of academia. It's no wonder that self-study and online courses have grown in popularity.

RSLogix Micro Starter Lite with RSLogix Emulate 500

Aug 05, 2015 · Download and Install. To use RSLogix Micro with the simulator you need to download and install 3 pieces of software from Rockwell Automation. It is important that you download and install the RSLinx Lite, which will enable you to connect to the simulator (Emulate 500). These 4 steps will guide you to download and install the software you need: 1.

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PLC Programming From Scratch

Description. This is a course is designed to give you a deep understanding of the foundation of programming using RSlogix 500. Everything needed to be able to program, troubleshoot, and have the knowledge of Rockwell Automation PLC Rslogix 500. This course uses the free version of RSlogix 500 which is the Micro Starter Lite offered from ...

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Allen Bradley RSLogix 500 PLC Programming

Allen Bradley RSLogix 500 PLC. 1. RS Logix-500 for micro logix series and. 2. RS Logix-5000 for SCL series. Hello All Today I am teach you how to make new program in RS Logix-500 Software in Micro Logix-1200 PLC. First Double Click RS Logix-500 English Icon as show in below image. Then New Window open RSlogix-500,Just Maximize the screen. Now ...

Rockwell Automation Enhances Allen-Bradley SLC 500

Feb 23, 2006 · Enhancements to SLC 500-Series controllers that help improve messaging performance over CIP-based networks and support higher levels of security in control system programming. These features are available in SLC 5/03, 5/04, and 5/05 controllers with Series C, Version FRN-10 firmware, and require Rockwell Software RSLogix 500 software (version 7.10 …

Allen Bradley Plc Training Courses Online

PLC Training Online PLC Support Training Center. Course Show details . Just Now This course is designed to give you a deep understanding of the core values needed to be able to program, troubleshoot, and have the deepest knowledge of Rockwell Automation PLC controls with RSLogix 5000 or Studio 5000. This course starts from scratch …

Do you really need RSLogix 500 to program a MicroLogix

Ok, for the record you can program MicroLogix PLCs with any edition of RSLogix 500 that is "as new or newer" than the MicroLogix you wish to program. And it absolutely makes sense to use RSLogix 500 if you also have SLC-500 controllers to maintain. But today RSLogix 500 is very expensive, costing many times the price of a MicroLogix PLC, so ...

Siemens S7 Plc Training Manual

Instructions - Program Sequence Control - User Program Execution. Beginner's Guide to Reading Schematics, Third Edition ★ Learn How to Design and Build a Program in RSLogix 5000 from Scratch! ★This book will guide you through your very first steps in the RSLogix 5000 / Studio 5000 environment as well as familiarize you with ladder logic ...


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Learn Ladder Logic with a Free Version of RSLogix 500 and

The emulator lets us test our work by running a virtual PLC. We’ll be able to download our program to it and run it in a very similar fashion to a real PLC. Start the emulator with the START > All Programs > Rockwell Software > RSLogix Emulate 500 > RSLogix Emulate 500 shortcut.  The emulator is pictured below. I know. It ...

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Rslogix Software Download

Jan 05, 2022 · Jul 08, 2010 The integrated environment is compatible with Rockwell Software DOS-based programming packages. Our website provides a free download of RSLogix 500 9.00.0. This program is a product of Rockwell Software, Inc. IconBCB1F297.exe, Rs500 4.exe, Rs500.exe, Rs500D.exe and Rs500p.exe are the most common filenames for this program's installer.

Find Downloads

Email. Provide Feedback. View Site Legend. show selections show by category show all versions. Downloads. RSLogix 500. 8.40.00. ( 9324-RL0x ) RSLogix 500 supports the Allen-Bradley SLC™ 500 and MicroLogix™ families of processors. RSLogix 500.


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Allen-Bradley PLC Software for sale

Total Ratings 6, .50 New. Allen-Bradley Micro820 Programmable Logic Controller. 9.99 New. Allen Bradley Micro850 24-point Controller. 0.00 New. 0.00 Used. Allen Bradley 2080LC1012QWB Micro810 Controller Set. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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Rockwell Automation | Rockwell Automation RSLogix™ 500

PLC Programming Software. Rockwell Automation RSLogix™ 500 Standard Software. Rockwell Automation RSLogix™ 500 Standard Software. System Error, Friday, May 28. Pricing is intermittently unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience, and are working dilligently on a fix. Please note that change of context may affect the pricing and ...

PLC Programming with RSLogix 500

The Beginner’s Guide to PLC Programming works well in conjunction with this book, in that it concentrates on basic PLC programming methods that are common to all types of PLCs. In addition, it provides an example of machine operation, whereas PLC Programming with RSLogix 500 uses the example of a chemical batching process.

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Programming Support Tools

Windows-based software. PLC-500 A.I. Series Programming Software page 6-7. • Program SLC 500 processors and MicroLogix 1000 processors.

Get Started with RSLogix 500 for Free

By the end of this course, you will have installed and tested all the following software packages: RSLogix500 - Primary programming tool still used at many plants today. Allows you to practice ladder logic design, instructions & debug existing code. RSLinx Lite - Communication tool which allows you to communicate to actual PLC Systems or an ...

Software Directory | Rockwell Automation United States

FactoryTalk® software is built for supporting an ecosystem of advanced industrial applications, including IoT. It all starts at the edge where manufacturing happens and scales from on-premise to cloud. Imagine supercharging your industrial environment with software that offers cutting edge design, maximizes operational efficiencies, and ...

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