SY7SH WEAR RING LOCKING NUT | old gold stamp mill lower thrust bearing


Batch Pack <20m3-45m3>Simple Structure x Compact Design

Despite its compact structure, Batch Pack is a tough concrete batching plant and is compatible with high intensity mixing.


  Batch Pack 500 Batch Pack 1000
Storage Bin NONE NONE
G 1+2 800 x 1.0kg 1+2 1500 x 2.0kg
S 1 800 x 1.0kg 1 1500 x 2.0kg
C 1 300 x 0.2kg 1 600 x 0.5kg
W 1 100 x 0.1kg 1 200 x 0.2kg
AD 1+2 4 x 0.01kg 1+2 8 x 0.01kg
Control Panel CPF (Standard) / Command Touch B (Optional)
Twin shaft pugmill mixer
FSF-500 FSF-1000 / DSF-110
15kW x 1GM 15kW x 2GM / 22kW x 2GM
Air seal Air seal
Discharge type Concrete chute Concrete chute
Air compressor 11kW RECIPRO TYPE
Pure water pump 1.5kW×1UNIT
High pressure pump for washing 2.2kW×1UNIT
Dust collector (Bag filter type) 0.75kW×1UNIT DUST BOX COLLECTING TYPE
Supply conveyor G W400×30T/h G W450×55T/h
S W400×30T/h S W450×45T/h

S type <30m3-180m3>High Performance x Easy assembly

The S and SS Series are simple but high-performance concrete batching plants.
They can be assembled and dismantled in a short time.

<Two models of S type batching plants for your choice>

S4,S2 type

The S2 and S4 type are equipped with a material storage bin.
Compared to the SS type, they can achieve a higher per-hour capacity.

S4,S2 type

The SS is a weighing belt conveyor type without a material storage bin.
It requires a shorter construction period for assembling and dismantling compared to the S2 and S4 type.


Model SS-50P S2S-50P SS-100P S4S-100P
Theoritical discharge output Max. 30m3/H Max. 30m3/H Max. 60m3/H Max. 60m3/H
Max. output/batch
(Max. scale × Min. scale)
Gravel 800 × 1kg 2kinds 800 × 1kg 2kinds 1500 × 2kg 2kinds 1500 × 2kg 2kinds
Sand 800 × 1kg 1kind 800 × 1kg 1kind 1200 × 2kg 1kind 1200 × 2kg 1kind
Cement 250 × 0.2kg 1kind 250 × 0.2kg 1kind 500 × 0.5kg 1kind 500 × 0.5kg 1kind
Water 150 × 0.1kg 1kind 150 × 0.1kg 1kind 300 × 0.2kg 1kind 300 × 0.2kg 1kind
Admixture 8 × 0.01kg 2kinds 8 × 0.01kg 2kinds 8 × 0.01kg 2kinds 8 × 0.01kg 2kinds
Control system Command Touch B / Command It's-B Plus
Storage capacity N/A 20m3 N/A 40m3

* Some photographs in this page show plants fitted with optional equipment.
* This specifications in this page are subject to change without prior notice due to improvements and/or modifications.

DASH <60m3-300m3>Maximum Performance x High Capacity

Maximum efficiency for each process and optimal overall balance are pursued. The DASH Series consists of high-performance batch plants that provide maximum performance with minimal investment and that minimize operating costs through maximum operating efficiency.


Model DASH-110 DASH-167 DASH-225 DASH-330
Theoritical discharge output Max. 100m3/H Max. 150m3/H Max. 180m3/H Max. 264m3/H
Max. output/batch
(Max. scale ×
Min. scale)
Gravel 1500 × 2kg 3kinds 2500 × 2kg 4kinds 3000 × 5kg 4kinds 4000 × 5kg 4kinds
Sand 1300 × 1kg 2kinds 2000 × 2kg 2kinds 2500 × 2kg 2kinds 3500 × 5kg 2kinds
Cement 550 × 0.5kg 3kinds 1000 × 1.0kg 3kinds 1000 × 1.0kg 3kinds 1500 × 1.0kg 3kinds
Water 300 × 0.2kg 2kinds 400 × 0.5kg 2kinds 500 × 0.5kg 2kinds 800 × 0.5kg 3kinds
Admixture 8 × 0.01kg 2kinds 20 × 0.02kg 2kinds
10 × 0.02kg 2kinds
20 × 0.02kg 2kinds
20 × 0.02kg 2kinds
30 × 0.05kg 2kinds
30 × 0.05kg 2kinds
Control system Command Touch B / Command It's-B Plus
Storage capacity 43m3 70m3 110m3 180m3

* Some photographs in this page show plants fitted with optional equipment.
* This specifications in this page are subject to change without prior notice due to improvements and/or modifications.

Differential Failure Analysis

Normal Ring and Pinion Wear: The tooth surface on the ring and pinion gears is only moderately shiny. The machining striations on the drive surface of the ring gear teeth are still visible (on the actual gear set, if not in the attached picture). The face or edge of the pinion gear teeth is still squared off. This ring and pinion set shows ...

3 Solutions for Nylon Insert Nut Challenges

Jun 22, 2018 · When the mating part is introduced, some inserts may be pushed out of the nut without even forming threads into the nylon ring. Solutions. Packaging/environment; Wherever possible, keep nuts sealed in their original containers until they are ready to be consumed. Do not store more nuts than needed in extreme cold and/or dry environments. Assembly

Lock Nuts: What They Are and How They Work

Jun 03, 2021 · Lock nuts with nylon inserts (self‑locking nut, locking nut) are a prevailing torque, locking nut that resists loosening caused by vibration and normal use. Unlike free spinning nuts, lock nuts make use of a deforming elastic or metal material to stay in position against torque and shock. Lock nuts with nylon inserts are a popular solution ...

1. Assembling/disassembling the spindle cartridge

Loosen C49041123C lock-nut. Loosen the set-screws (x3) that are designed for locking the lock-nut. Then, use the hook spanner that is specific to the lock-nut. If it is not available, use the hammer and chisel to impact on and loosen the lock-nut. Be careful not to damage the lock-nut.

Ceramic Insert for grinding rollers - Богвик Дейли

00-673-247-150 PLIERS SNAP RING EXTERNAL, STRAIGHT, P/ SG4265 0.960 ... 1027484501 COVER LOCKING NUT, LH THD, 7 FT SH SY7SH 222.000.

Locking Assemblies

Simple and quick assembly and disassembly, complete freedom from maintenance and wear, absolutely backlash-free power transmission: RINGFEDER ® Locking Assemblies are friction-locked shaft-hub connections manufactured to the highest quality standards. They are suitable for the precise fastening of all types of hubs, e.g. toothed gears, running wheels and chain sprockets, levers, cam discs ...

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The threads on the post can wear out over time, and the backs will not hold. Also, you need steady hands to put them on and to take off. La Pousette Backs - The most intricate type of earring back is La Pousette. It is a disc with two tabs. You pinch the tabs to open the hole in the center and slip it onto the post.

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Pressure Control Equipment - NOV Inc

Wear Ring Seal Piston OD Wear Ring Seal Piston Lower ID Seal Piston Upper ID Lower Housing Hydraulic Ports Wear Ring Upper Housing Element Adapter Ring Piston Lower Housing Upper Housing Element Adapter Ring Piston Lower Housing Nut Stud Locking Ring Locking Segment Screw Key Upper Housing Packing Element Seal Adapter OD Seal Adapter Top ...

The Influence of Impeller Wear Ring Geometry on Suction

Wear rings are a necessary feature of an enclosed centrifugal impeller design. The purpose of the wear ring is to limit the leakage of fluid from the high pressure zone at the impeller outlet to the low pressure region at the impeller inlet. Several different wear ring geometries may be employed for this purpose.

Stuffing Boxes, Shaft Seals, Bearings and

Jun 30, 2020 · Stuffing Boxes, Shaft Seals, Bearings and Couplings. Boats face the challenge of remaining leak-free while spinning one or more propellers outside the hull. Inboard boats use stuffing boxes or shaft seals to prevent water from entering the hull. Shaft bearings support the propeller shaft and help ensure it turns smoothly.

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Запасная часть 1061940017 WEAR RING LOCKING NUT используемая в технике Metso SY7SH. № по каталогу: 1061940017. Доставка по всему Казахстану.

Safewheel Wheel Nut Retainer Ring

Retain wheel nuts within the ring structure to lessen the likelihood of them loosening. Protect wheel nuts from weathering, corrosion and road damage through covering each wheel nut with a cap. Reduce the build-up of dirt and external matter into the thread of the wheel nut and stud. Key benefits. Helps retain the nuts on every wheel

Self-Loosening of Bolts and Nuts

The performance of the two-nut method, when properly applied, provides a superior locking capability when compared to many so-called lock nuts. The proper application of the two-nut method is time intensive and requires a degree of skill and is hence unlikely to make a major comeback on new machinery any time soon.

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Prevailing Torque Locknuts

For nylon insert locknuts, the interference is only in the nylon ring, and the metal part of the nut is free-spinning; but the interference is the entire internal circumference of the nylon ring. For all-metal locknuts, the threads are plastically deflected such that there are points of interference (1, 2, 3, or 6 points of interference ...

Precision lock nuts

Lock nuts . Lock nuts requiring a keyway . Lock nuts with integral locking . Precision lock nuts . Engineered products . Backing bearings . Sensor bearing units . Motor encoder units . Roller encoder units . Steering encoder units . Rotor positioning sensor bearing units . Rotor positioning bearings . Hybrid bearings . INSOCOAT bearings

Gear Box Overhaul

lock plate, held by a small screw, that needs to be removed first. The protruding mainshaft means using a box or ring spanner for this job. If, however, the nut is very stubborn and you need to use a socket, you can begin the stripdown and undo the nut once the mainshaft is out. Above: Clutch operating mechanism lock ring tool. I modified this

LOCK-O-RING Flanges & Plugs

LOCK-O-RING® Flanges are drilled and faced to match ASME Class 150, 300 or 600 flanges. ASME Class 300 Maximum allowable operating pressure (in psi) per ASME B31.8 at -20 to +100º F Size Approx. Weight Design Factor Inches DN Lbs. Kg. 0.72 0.6 0.5 0.4 Part Number 4 100 38 17 740 740 740 740 06-6423-0430 ...

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5. Position the seal into the hub bore. PreSet / PreSet

BACK OFF THE SPINDLE NUT. Engage any locking device that is part of the spindle nut system. If the locking device cannot be engaged when the nut is at 300 ft-lbs., ADVANCE THE NUT UNTIL ENGAGEMENT TAKES PLACE AND THE NUT IS LOCKED . b. Double Nut or Jam Nut System. If a double nut or jam nut system is being used, torque the inner nut to 300 ft-lbs.

Service kit Catalogue

O-ring for Drain plug, bulk Plugs and valves Pressure tank Shaft seal Pos. Description/kit No 99016032 49 Impeller complete with wear ring 4 4 Chamber complete for support 1 4 Chamber complete. 2 44 Inlet part for hydraulic complete 1 44a Seal ring for inlet part 1 66 Washer ø15,5x1,5 SS 1 67 Lock nut 1 169 Plug for nameplate D30.2x15.4 1

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FLEXLOC® Self-Locking Nuts 8-3 to 8-4 Prevailing-Torque Type Steel Hex and Hex Flange Nuts 8-5 to 8-6 ANCO Self-Locking Nuts 8-7 Self-Sealing Screws ... Bolting & Ring Gasket Requirements for ANSI & API Flanges 13-2 Gaskets Type R Type Gasket 14-1 to 14-3 Type RX Type Ring Gasket 14-3 to 14-5 Threads, Markings, Platings & Coatings, Weights ...

Nuts, Washers, Seating Rings, Lamp Caps

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